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IJLIN Cuscinetti Anelli Esterni Rettificatrice doppia superficia di alta precisione in Corea di u Sud

Tempu: 2022-09-13 Visite: 56

In August, Our After sales engineers  went to South Korea for Installation and commissioning. 

It is not easy to go abroad for after sales service, as for the COVID-19 is so serious. But YUHUAN's

Engineers must Go to South Korea and Thailand , for our Customers need them.

Kaswin Bearing grindingKaswin bearing details

The Machine is Our high precision trituratrice a doppia dischi YHMM7758X, for grinding the diameter 430mm External Bearing Ring.It can achieve the precision Flatness is within 0.001-0.002mm,Which can Benchmarking high-precision articuli in Germany and Japan.

ILJIN Bearing Grinding Details