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The Representative of Mahler Company Visited Our Company about Piston Ring Equipment, Double Disc Grinding Machine

Tempu: 2021-09-26 Visite: 10

On May 30th 2010, Mr. Leandro, the technical supervisor of Mahler Company, Mr Gerardo, the technical supervisor of Mexico Mahler Company and Mr. Wenyueh, the global technological consultant, visited our company for survey. In the meantime, technical communications and business negotiations were held about piston ring equipment. They mainly got to know the 580 CBN Vertical Rettificatrice à Doppiu Discu and 4826 lapping/machine à lucidà, made in-depth discussions about the copy milling machine and carried out technical communications and business negotiations about piston ring technology.

Mahler Company’s representative had technical communications with our company’s chief engineer

Mahler Company’s representative had a photo with our company’s staff