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YUHUAN hà participatu à a 20ª Mostra Internaziunale Chine nantu à u Motore di Combustione Interna,Ottenutu successu cumpletu

Tempu: 2021-12-22 Visite: 28

During the 17th-19th December, YUHUAN participated in the 20th China  International exhibition on internal combustion Engine , and achieved complete success.

engine exhibition (6)

engine exhibition

YUHUAN exhibite 3 hotest grinding polishing machines.There are YHDM580B-2 Double surface vertical grinding machine,YHDM750A-3 High rettificatrice di precisione doppia superficia, YH2M8470 high speed double surface fine lapping machine. These grinding lapping machines attract many visitors.

engine exhibition (2)engine exhibition (5)engine exhibition (7)engine exhibition (3)

engine exhibition (1)

YUHUAN's trituratrice doppia superficia is Well-known in the machine tool industry. These

Grinder machine can grind small size workpiece, also can grind diameter 400mm bearing outter.

The high precision double rettificatrici di superficie applied in 3C Industry,Bearing,automotives,

household appliances etc.

YUHUAN will develope more models for more industries. Please contact us if you are intersted in 

double surface high precision ginding machine. 

E-mail: [email prutettu]