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YUHUAN's Invitation of the 20th China International Exhibition on Internal Combustion Engines and Parts

Tempu: 2021-12-08 Visite: 20

YUHUAN Will attend the 20th China International Exhibition on Internal Combustion Engines

Our Booth: E2T32 , Date :17th-19th December 2021

Venue: Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center, Changsha, China

Since the first session of Engine China was hosted by CICEIA in 1994, 16 sessions had been held. As the Chinese economy and its internal combustion engine industry keep growing rapidly, Engine China has also grown into a specialized exhibition with most influence in Asia Pacific region, possessing unmatched advantages in host, exhibitors, organizing, professional visitors, promotion and international influence.


Since October, Our company prepared for the exhibition. Our Senior managers Deliberately go to the workshop to select Ritalia tools for exhibition.


Our company will exhibit the YHDM750A/3 high precision double surface grinding machine,YHDM580B/2 high precision double surface grinding machine,and YH2M8470 high speed double surface precision grinding machine.


750YH2M8470 Grinder (5)

These Grinder machines are for high precision grinding of two paralell surfaces of flat metallic parts such as bearings,valve plate,carbide chip,seal,oil pump vane,piston rings,etc.They are also grind the flat surfaces of non-metallic parts of hard&brittle materials like glass and ceramics.The uniquely sophisticated&compact design of the machine ensures high precision &effciency,and YUHUAN Double Disc Grinding has been recognized by the market as one of the most pratical grinding solution for mass production of flat parts.